Learning through craft and ICT

The other project that my class took part in was Learning through craft and ICT. For this project we collaborated with Ms Elwira Weber-Mika from Szkola Podstawowa Nr 3 in Radlin, Poland. We started off this project by sending Introduction cards. The Maltese pupils cut out shapes of their hands and decorated it. They also wrote something about themselves on the cut-out. The Polish pupils sent us photos or drawings of themselves and wrote sentences about their hobby. We hung their introduction cards on the school notice baord.

For Christmas we exchanged cards and tradtional sweets by post. After the Christmas holidays we started preparing for the video-conference. The Maltese pupils made animal crafts and practiced some songs. The theme of the video-conference was aniamls. In fact during the conference the Maltese and the Polish children sang together songs about animals. The Maltese pupils spoke about themselves and about their craft. Later we sent our friends these crafts to decorate their classroom with them.

After the Christmas holidays we started preparing for Easter. The Maltese pupils made personalised Easter cards for their Polish friends. These cards were made from various materials. The Polish pupils made very original Easter bookmarks. Then we exchanged these things by post. The Polish pupils also sent us some Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. We also sent them some traditional sweets. When we received the bookmarks we hung them on the school noticeboard for everyone to see.

Then Ms Elwira and I started preparing for the next video conference. Our aim was to teach our pupils some basic vocabulary in our partner's native language. So Ms Elwira and her pupils sent us number charts in English and Polish. They also sent us some lovely animal charts with pictures and words in English and Polish. Then I hung all the charts we received from Radlin on the classroom wall. We also sent our friends some stuff that they could learn some words in Maltese. We sent them number pictures (1-10) and flashcards and animal flashcards in Maltese and English. Our Polish friends liked our stuff very much and hence they also hung everything learning vocabulary in another language. The pupils looked forward to the next video conference because they wanted to show they partners what they learned. The Maltese pupils had to learn a word in Polish. Then during the conference each Maltese pupil had to say the Polish word, show a picture of that word and then a Polish pupil had to respond by saying that word in Maltese. It was like a game and the children were really enthusiastic about all this. The pupils learned the numbers from 1-10, 7 different animal words and some phrases like good morning and good bye.

Another activity which we did for this project was cooking a tradtional dish. My pupils and I made strawberry compote - a Polish dessert while the Polish pupils made a Maltese sandwich. Apparently the Polish like to spread both jam and butter on the slice of bread. My pupils found this fact quite interesting and unusual.