The school year in Malta and in Poland (2009-10)- The first term

At the beginning of this scholastic year I started a new etwinning project with Ms Iwona Woznica and her pupils in Szkola Podstawowa Nr 35 in Rybnik. During this project we will learn more about activities and important events organised in our schools.
The first term in St. Venera
The first activity organised at St.Venera Primary School was the launching of 'Eko-skola' and 'Dinja wahda' programmes. By taking part in these programmes, all the stakeholders within the school are committing themselves to improve the school environment. The mayor of St. Venera and a local council member attended this activity. A member of parliament and the College principal Dr. Frank Fabri were also present. All the pupils from kinder 1 up to year 6 gathered in the school yard for this actvity. They were very excited especially when they saw the local mascot environment 'Xummiemu'. Some parents also attended this activity. Following a couple of speeches, some year 1 students sang and danced to some songs related to the environment. The whole activity was a huge success and all the pupils enjoyed themselves.

On Friday 30th October my pupils and I had the first outing. All year 2 classes went to San Anton Gardens. As one would expect all the pupils were very excited. When we arrived we walked a bit around the garden till we found a suitable seating place for the pupils. The pupils sat in front of a fountain and started working on the first handout (All the pupils were givedn a set of 3 handouts related to the topic 'In the garden'). When they were ready, they had lunch. Then we continued our walk around the garden. We stopped to watch the birds and some hens. We also stopped by a large pond which was full of ducks and turtles. There were also some swans in this pond. Finally we found a nice spot where the pupils could sit comfortably and continue working on their handouts. Although the pupils had to do some writing tasks, they enjoyed it very much because they were outside in the sun by the trees and flowers etc.

The first term in Rybnik
On the 30th of September Ms Iwona organised Boys' Day. During this day the boys were given special treatment. The girls gave them presents and numerous activities were organised to celebrate this days. The boys in Ms Iwona's class all enjoyed this day since they felt so important.
The Polish celebrate Teacher's Day on 14th October. On this day schools have a holiday but the students and teachers gather to celebrate Teacher's Day at school. They usually have an assembly during which pupils say some riddles or narrate jokes that make teachers laugh out loudly. Pupils also sing songs and make a performance.