Where we live and what we eat (1st term)

Where we live and what we eat!

During the scholastic year 2008-2009 I was involved in two different projects. One of the projects was with Ms Iwona Woznica from Szkola Podstawowa Nr 35 in Rybnik, Poland. The name of the project is 'Where we live and what we eat'. On this page you will find information about this project.

The first term

We started off the project by exchanging information about ourselves and our hometown. My pupils made mini-projects about St. Venera and visit cards for their friends in Rybnik. Our partners sent us information about Rybnik and themselves which we hung on our classroom wall. For Christmas time we exchanged cards made by the pupils. Before distributing the cards we hung them on the school notice board as they were very original. During the first term we also had our first video-conference which the pupils enjoyed very much. During the conference the pupils introduced themselves and sang songs. The slide show below shows photos of the activities mentioned above.

For Christmas time our partners and us also had to make a power point presentation about our respective Christmas traditions. This is the power point which my pupils and I made for our friends.