Cont...... Where we live and what we eat!

The second term

During the second term we prepared for Easter time. The Maltese pupils made Easter cards using various materials such kite paper, coloured paper and so on. They decorated their cards with glitters and markers. My pupils also made fruit and vegetable puppets to send their friends. The craft photos you will see below in the slide show are not real photos of the crafts made by the children but pictures of the crafts taken from the website: Our partners also sent us Easter cards which were very creative and original. Ms Iwona organised a competition among all the students of the school and hence most the students put in a great deal of effort and produced unique Easter cards.

During this time our partners and us made a power point presentation about our respective Easter traditions. My pupils drew or found pictures related to Easter celebrations and wrote sentences about the topic. Later on in the beginning of the 3rd term my class and I cooked a polish dessert. It is called strawberry compote. The pupils enjoyed this activity very much and most of them like the taste of the compote. We also planned another video-conference but we could not find a time that suited us both. The presentation made by the Maltese pupils.

The presentation made by our friends in Rybnik.

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